Wilbys 30th Anniversary

Thursday 1st October 2020 marks the anniversary of 30 years since Philip Wilby’s association with the Queensbury Black Dyke Band began. Philip recalled “I remember sitting in the small heritage bandroom listening to James Watson directing the band through George Lloyd’s English Heritage. It was the first time for me to hear the band in close proximity and I was simply blown away. At the time I was writing my Paganini Variations, particularly the slow music. However when I returned home the inspiration for the virtuoso fast music was flooding through my mind.” Nicholas Childs commented “Philip Wilby has been one of the most influential musicians for myself and Black Dyke, and has been the Chair of the Creative team and continues to inspire whenever his presence is around.” Happy anniversary Philip, to a fantastic musician and one of the greatest friends Black Dyke will ever have in its history.