Katrina Marzella relinquishes her position at Black Dyke

Katrina commented: “I am excited to share the news that I am expecting our second child in May 2020. My husband Brenden Wheeler and I are absolutely delighted, although we are trepidatious knowing what a character our three-year-old daughter Gabriella has turned out to be! In addition, this has naturally encouraged me to turn my mind to my future as a member of Black Dyke." Music Director Nicholas Childs commented "During Katrina’s time at Black Dyke she has won European, National, and Open titles as well as individual solo prizes at these national events, however this only touches the surface of her contribution to band life at Black Dyke. Katrina is an outstanding musician and everyone at Black Dyke wishes her well as she takes time to enjoy her new family… Nick Childs Katrina continued: “Black Dyke is in great demand as a performing and recording entity across the UK and Europe. This obviously places significant demands on a player’s time, including countless hours travelling along motorways, personal practice and preparation, and planning with family, in addition to the ‘easily seen’ appearances at concerts, contests, rehearsals and recordings.” “As 2020 approaches, and after great consideration of the above, I have decided to relinquish my position as the solo baritone player of Black Dyke.” Katrina reflected: “There is, of course, a tinge of sadness when you leave such a great institution like our band. That said, I consider it a great privilege to have been a player in Black Dyke, and take with me some immense performance experiences and fantastic musical memories. Personally, I am looking forward to some interesting projects, solo performances and adjudication appointments over the next few months, before it will be time to slow down and welcome our new baby into the world. I will then enjoy some extended personal and family time, before turning my mind to my musical future, whatever that may bring.” “In the meantime, I would like to thank Nick Childs and the players of Black Dyke Band for their friendship, support, and musical memories throughout. I wish the entire Black Dyke family nothing but the best fortune for the future and know I will retain a special relationship with them for many years to come.”