Leave a Legacy

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Have you made a Will?
Many people put off making a Will, but it is a simple and not very expensive process. Above all, it ensures that your money and belongings are ultimately distributed exactly as you want.

Making a Will
The best way of making a Will is to use the services of a solicitor, so that the document sets out your wishes clearly and precisely in a proper legal manner. You can produce a homemade Will but the risks of making mistakes are high and can cause expensive problems for your loved ones.

Altering a Will
If you have already made a Will it is easy to alter it by adding a "codicil"; a legal addition. Again, a solicitor should be asked to do this on your behalf.

It is likely of course that you will wish to leave the bulk of your money and belongings to your relatives and friends, but many people use this as an opportunity also to support their favourable charities. Legacies to charities are normally free of Inheritance Tax.

Our Friends
As supporters of Black Dyke Band, why not include a bequest in your Will to assist the Band's future? The most convenient way is to make the bequest to Black Dyke Band as a registered charity. Your gift may be of money, property or memorabilia. The last could these could be added to existing collections, but if they were duplicates they could, with your prior consent, be sold for the highest price through an appropriate agency and the funds thus raised be used to support the charity.

Your solicitor will advise you, but to leave a specific sum of money we would suggest:

"I hereby bequeath to the Black Dyke Band (1855) Ltd. Registered Charity Number 1059799 of the Bandroom, Sandbeds, Queensbury, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD13 1AB. The sum of £_________ , the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer thereof shall be a good and proper discharge of my executors."

This wording can be adapted to cover the gift of property , memorabilia or the residue of your estate.

Ian Thompson